You needed the pain..!

What does pain mean to you? What do you consider as the worst pain to have ever experienced in your life? Maybe birth pains? Maybe you lost your job today. You may have been looking for a job for a long time and have never been shortlisted. You may have a not-so-friendly employer. You may have received unexpected results.

Pain has a purpose. Whatever your pain is, I believe you need it. Yes I concur it is too much, but in the near future you will be glad the pain pushed you. This will only happen if you have the right perspective.

Look at it this way, we are all living in this journey called LIFE. We may be living in the same time but with unique experiences.

Your journey is also filled with many beginnings and endings. Look at them as chapters of your life. The end of one chapter of your life marks the beginning of another. The end of your college life marks the beginning of making a decision to start applying for jobs, or to continue studying.

Your choices definitely influence your life journey. What if you do not get what you want? Do you declare it as the end? Will that be a premature or deserving end for that chapter in your life?

There are so many perspectives to look at about your life. The point is not to make your disappointments linger into bitterness.

I for sure had an episode with my 2018 YouTube video, to be posted before Christmas. It had been deleted unknowingly. This was after carefully planning and executing it with the interviewee. Even after having rescheduled the interview before because of unavailability.

That marked the end of that chapter. I was super disappointed and almost giving up. I actually had thoughts that insisted, “This is a sign that I should quit. Why all this hassle? Maybe this should be the end. There are more better YouTubers who can do this job.”

After wallowing in my pain, a friend of mine encouraged me to instead do a video alone as a 2018 parting shot: lessons I learnt in 2018. I gathered all hope and decided to use my pain to do it.

This inspired me recently to write a poem, “Dancing to your tune.” I enjoyed writing it as I was able to express my love for dance though figuratively to mean how our lives are.

What this poem means is we need to never give up. Our roads to finding our passions differ. Some will find their purpose as young as when 5 years old. A 75 year old should never compare his journey to the child’s. Despite his age, he still can dream and achieve it.

We the young generation have a habit of comparing each other. Truly, you never know the pain another had to go through to be where they are today. Also, others cannot bear the pain you went through to be where you are today.

My Say therefore is, appreciate your pain and use it to be where you want to be. You cannot give up now.

Quote of the day:

Recycle your pain, allow your pain to reach you to greatness. ~Eric Thomas


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