Becoming you,

Becoming really you,

Becoming really you everyday.

Each day you live,

Changes you,

Each experience you encounter,

Changes you.

To become who you are today,

You were moulded,

Seriously shaped,

In all the good and bad.

Becoming you needed GOD,

Needed your family and friends,

Needed your successes and failures,

Needed your joys and pains.

Love your journey,

Your purpose is to dance to your tune,

Walk your path,

In whatever you are doing.

Authentically, Truly, Genuinely,

Become you,

Become who you envision,

Become as you were predestined.

Do not give up the fight,

There is still much you are to become,

The greatness in you,

The phenomenal human being you are.


About Carol Shalala

I thank God Almighty for this platform to share with you. Inspiration is what we need to move Step by Step in our lives. Kindly leave your comment and I will be glad to interact with you.

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