#STEPBYSTEP WORD… Test the Plan.

It’s never easy, the plan,

One moment you create it,

The next you test it,

Is it viable or not?

Tests & Plans
Test the Plan – Carol Shalala


You decide to keep doing it, the habit,

May be good or bad,

Depends on what your beliefs are,

Depends on what your goals are.


Makes the plan not useful tomorrow, the change,

The demands from the seasons of life,

You need a new plan,

Create it and test again.


Do not chastise yourself if you don’t get it, the success,

Be your own cheerleader,

A failed test is also your success,

Depends on your perspective.


Your plan may fail, this minute,

But still you have the next minute to change,

If it does not work today,

You have tomorrow to create another.


Thank yourself for going through with it, plan A,

But also be okay with yourself if you don’t,

Not following through is another test,

The more the tests the better you become.

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I thank God Almighty for this platform to share with you. Inspiration is what we need to move Step by Step in our lives. Kindly leave your comment and I will be glad to interact with you.

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