Let humans be humans..

…And let GOD be GOD.

Many are the times in 2018 I had lots of expectations from people hence resulting to frustrations.

At what point are we supposed not to expect from other human beings? Aren’t we supposed to look forward to the promises given to us? Who can we depend on?

I agree that this is not an easy task for us, we human beings. We live in the same earth where we depend on each other.

I have just listened to the renowned Steve Harvey give his famous quote, “What happens to you is just 10%. The 90% is what you do about it.” We need to become the best version of ourselves, even if disappointed by others.

We all have flaws. We may have promised other people our help but did not fulfill them. Maybe we had genuine reasons for failing to do so, maybe not. The same case applies to when we expect from other people.

Let us be open minded to believe that anything is possible. What you expect may happen, or may not. It may even happen better that you expected.

We need a plan. What do we do when our expectations from other people are cut off? How should we even prevent such a problem?

I believe we should only expect from GOD. No human being can satisfy all your hopes and dreams. Let us learn to work with what we have. Let us dance to our unique tunes.

Let us learn to have zero expectations from people or things or even experiences. We will definitely save ourselves from future frustrations, feeling defeated, disappointed, angry and many other negative emotions.

I remember one of my classmate’s experience during the Plug In class I attended last year December. During the first lesson we were all asked to voice our expectations for the 10-weeks program. Her response was, “I have zero expectations. I am open-minded.” At the end of the program, we could all notice her joy in fulfilment for the Plug In experience.

It is okay to hear what others have promised or what experiences are to take place, but let us not be rigid. Let us allow life to happen.

My Say therefore is, despite human beings’ disappointments go on with life placing your full trust in GOD.

Quote of the day:

The enemy of peace is my insistence on perfection. ~Pastor Stephen Furtick


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