A Quote a Day.

~ Be your life’s greatest listener by looking back and deducing your progress.

~ As we empower the Girl child (you, your sister, your mother, and all) let us also remember to empower the Boy child (you, your brother, father, and all). With such spirit we contribute to the betterment of our future generations.

~ You can make happen the choice you speak about. After saying it, implement it.

~ Be intentional with loving yourself first and you will easily share it with others.

~ With the human right of a child to free and compulsory education we still need strategies for them after their tertiary education. The important question is, “What role can each one of us play to curb the imbalance between the high number of graduate students and the low supply of jobs?” The future of Kenya depends on our solutions.

~ Instead of blaming others let us help our brothers and sisters, our relatives and friends, to discover their career choices.

~ Do what you can in your current season and learn from your flaws, knowing that the end of one season marks the beginning of another.

~ First appreciate before asking for what you need.

~ Continue to be loving to your neighbours even if the favours aren’t reciprocated. When you become the neighbour, someone else will show love to you too.

~ You can change how others are affected by what you do when you view that act as serving them.

~ The desire to change another is not love. True love accepts another as he/she is. True love influences.

~ Invest in your future by understanding instead of cramming what you learn.

~ Let us not stereotype anyone. One who is employed should not be viewed as lesser than one who owns a business. The main goal should be living a purposeful life.

~ Watch out for the needs of your neighbours in your community, and be the help.

~ You have a unique life path as was designed by God.

~ Being interested to know about others is the solution to your problems.

~ This is your story: you are progressing and you are still under construction till your last day on this earth.

~ Listen and listen carefully when your spirit is convicted to act on something.

~ Despite human beings’ disappointments go on with life placing your full trust in GOD.

~ Appreciate your pain and use it to be where you want to be. You cannot give up now. 

~ You do not have to pass the baton of hurt. Change your lane and pass the baton of GOD’s love, joy and peace!