#STEPBYSTEP WORD… Dancing to your Tune.

Maximum Melodies..

What dance are you known for?
What moves get easy for you?
Which genre of music do you listen to?
Do you find yourself offbeat?

You may read this literally,
Also figuratively to mean,
Your vision, your purpose, your destiny,
Your path of life.

Is your path only to be straight?
Do you compare your path with others’?
If so, why do you think your path is any lesser?
Isn’t the grass green on each side?

I urge you to dance to your tune,
To your best choice of music,
Even if given a different genre,
Dance to it as best you know how.

If offbeat enquire from the best to rectify,
You may not find your tune,
Until all genres are played,
In your path which may be such a long time.

Therefore continue dancing till you get your tune,
Before then dance to what you have,
No time spent is wasted,
As you definitely are better than you were yesterday.


About Carol Shalala

I thank God Almighty for this platform to share with you. Inspiration is what we need to move Step by Step in our lives. Kindly leave your comment and I will be glad to interact with you.

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