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Have you ever wondered if your life is truly progressing? What season your life is in? If you are on the right track?


I just passed by my previous workplace and I thought, “I’m just getting started.” I quickly corrected myself to say, “I’m still under construction. I started my journey a long time ago, when I was born. No! When GOD knew me even before I was conceived in my mother’s womb.”


Sometimes we get to think that the end of a season represents the end of our progress. This happens especially if we have waited for too long, waited for a specific change. It also happens when in comparison with our neighbours’ success stories.


I believe we need to define what success means to us, individually. What I call success should not be so to you, or else frustrations and worries shall follow you wherever you go. We also need to identify what progress means for our own lives.


I agree that I sometimes forget where GOD has brought me from and the far He’s taken me. I then conclude that I am not progressing. Forgetting that being alive today is also progress.


Your definitions for progress and success go hand in hand. No one else will see your life progress and success as you do. Others’ conclusions will be limited to how they define the two terms. That will be their yardstick.


I have recently graduated from a Bible Study class called Plug In. It was an amazing experience in only 10 weeks, with a great retreat on the last weekend. This journey built a strong foundation for my relationship with GOD, the community, the church, and my destiny.


You may want to question my above statement, but this is my story. There is a big difference between what you see and what I know. Also there is a difference in our definitions for progress and success.


In our Plug In class, one of the many phrases that I have memorised is, “We are all a work in progress.” All graduates know that being awarded a degree is part of their life progress to actually venturing into a career.


Do not be your own enemy by stating that your life is not progressing. You may not see the physical change, still encourage yourself in the Lord. Do not have unrealistic expectations for yourself. Yes you have to work on yourself, but remember it is for you to define what progress and success is. Be your own benchmarker.


Whether you are succeeding or not, you are still under construction by GOD Almighty. Actually He is your sole benchmarker. Live in faith everyday as you keep moving forward.


LIFELiving In Faith Everyday.


My Say therefore is, this is your story: you are progressing and you are still under construction till your last day on this earth.


Quote of the day:

Life is a work in progress. ~Rachel Caine



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