#STEPBYSTEP WORD… Being Content.

It’s getting cold here,

What do we say?

“There’s too much rain now,

We miss the sunshine.”



A few months back we were sun basking,

Detesting the heat,

Saying that there was too much dust,

That cold weather is easier to control.


Always wishing for the next,

Instead of enjoying the present,

Or being content with what we have,

What we’ve been blessed with at the moment.


There will never be a situation,

With all pros but no cons,

Even if you win the biggest jackpot,

Or you become the poorest person.


We have to understand that each season is different,

We will only enjoy it if we change our perspective,

The more we appreciate the season,

The more we adapt to it.


With a content heart,

There is no situation,

Whether great or worse,

That will hinder you from having the Joy of the LORD.


With a content heart you keep smiling,

Keep laughing,

Keep sharing with others,

Keep living in faith and hope.


When content there are no expectations placed,

Because you are taking the moment as it is,

When content you are not frustrated,

Because you are okay with the situation as it is.


Many are the times we want to give up,

Not content as we want what others have,

Instead of being content with what we already have,

As what we need is already in us!


Be Content!

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I thank God Almighty for this platform to share with you. Inspiration is what we need to move Step by Step in our lives. Kindly leave your comment and I will be glad to interact with you.

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