#STEPBYSTEP WORD… Accountability Help.

You know you have tried alone,

Alone fighting, desiring, longing,

Longing to see change,

Change using your own effort.



Your own effort to avoid embarrassment,

Embarrassment from others knowing,

Knowing who you really are,

Knowing that you are not perfect.


Afraid that they might laugh,

Laugh at your consistent efforts,

Efforts to change your present,

Present which remains stubborn.


The truth is we all have such a need,

Need for help,

Help to overcome what we cannot,

Cannot change without others’ help.


What you pass through now another has,

Has gone through it and has learnt,

Learnt from the mistakes to help,

Help others who will go through the same situation.


Accountability calls for you to seek help,

Help consistently from another,

Another who will make sure you are on the right path,

Path to the change you desire.


Accountability also calls for you to help,

Help another as you were helped,

Helped in the process creating,

Creating a community that accounts for all.




About Carol Shalala

I thank God Almighty for this platform to share with you. Inspiration is what we need to move Step by Step in our lives. Kindly leave your comment and I will be glad to interact with you.

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